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Safiya Kinyanjui

Crochet Designer


Inara Lalani

Assistant Manager


Kairo Ashif 



 I am the  designer behind

G-ma Creations.


I crochet for the love of it and for a mission. I enjoy the creating process, the feeling of the yarn, and the fact that it’s so soothing to the mind. I also love that it takes me back to my early years, when my mother and I often crocheted together.

I’m also an adventurer at heart and  love exploring beautiful places, eating good food, snapping photos, and spending time with my favorite people who are my four children, agrandson and hubby.

I experience joy in motherhood, homemaking, faith, and simple living. 


I am the engine of the company –

On any given day you can find me photographing, graphic designing, ordering yarns, packing & shipping, organizing inventory, creating promotional materials, sales and hundreds of other tasks. I am a hands-on team member and constantly strive to improve BujuBuju and the customer experience. 


I am a professional Interior Designer and a mum and making toys has become a new found passion.

I love painting, drawing, sketching and lots of other artsy things.


​I am the inspiration behind

G-Ma's creations and I also showcase the soft, snuggly and stuffed little keepsakes.

 I dont know how to talk but I make alot of noise during photoshoots.

I eat, drink, play, sleep, Repeat!

I love Mummy, Nana and BujuBuju Cuddles.